04 November 2009

Global Communicators

Wow, things are busy and exciting in the YWAM communication community these days! This network of people committed to strengthening our mission's internal and external communication includes something called the Global Communication Team. AfriCom's very own Miranda is a member of this team and she was with the rest of the crew at YWAM Harpenden recently for their annual meeting.

These guys discuss some of the big picture communication issues and opportunities facing YWAM. Currently they are overseeing the revamp of our global web presence and hope to go live with the new and improved ywam.org site by the end of year. This year they also discussed issues of security as we serve and protect the needs of YWAM teams in various parts of the world.

The opportunity presented by social media, like Facebook, is something that needs revisiting every year and at this meeting the team tried something new: a live Q&A session with YWAM's International Chairman, Lynn Green, on Facebook. This was great fun and certainly bears repeating, hopefully with different ones of our key leaders. You can read the transcript of that Q&A here.

Connecting a global organization like YWAM is hard work at times ... know what I'm saying?!

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