15 November 2010

Effective Communication Workshop

Last week AfriCom team members ran an Effective Communication Workshop at the Worcester training centre, 2 hours drive from Cape Town.

We had a wonderful time with our 17 participants, most of whom spoke English as a second language.

Beginning with Interpersonal Communication and moving through Writing, Photography, Public Speaking, Fundraising and Use of Social Media, the aim was to equip these missionaries with skills to enable them communicate more effectively; in their teams, with their ministry partners and with other parts of Youth With A Mission.

We had great feedback at the end of the week, so it seems the workshop hit the spot when it comes to people's training needs. Communication is such a big part of a volunteer missionaries job and so many feel ill-equipped to do it well. A special highlight was to find that many participants found the teaching brought a measure of healing to them, especially for those who had been discouraged in the areas of fundraising and communication within their teams.

It was also special for us to partner with Wycliffe's Africa communication team. Heather Pubols joined us to teach on Use of Social Media and we are looking forward to more opportunities to support one another in missions communication.

For the AfriCom staff members running the workshop was encouraging and motivating. Needless to say we are keen to offer simnilar workshops in more locations: contact us to invite us to your region!

Global Communication Meetings

A little bit of a catch-up is needed!

Back in October, Tim and Miranda left the rest of the team holding the fort in Cape Town and travelled to Harpenden, England, to participate in YWAM's Global Communication meetings.

This was a time for YWAM staff from around the world, those who are contributing to YWAM's global communication pieces, to meet for a time of evaluation and goal-setting. One of the highlights of the gathering was the opportunity it provided to remind one another of why we are all engaged in communication in a missionary context.

If communication can be likened to the nervous system of the body, it is clearly there to serve the body and to enable the body to do what it needs to do; to fulfil its functions. In the context of YWAM, the purpose of the body of missionaries around the world is, 'To know God and to make God known'.

Communicators might be IT savvy, social networking addicts with cameras and gadgets hanging off them (the lucky ones, anyway!) but YWAM communicators have a heart for missions that drives and enlivens everything they do.

Being amongst this international group gave Tim and Miranda the opportunity to see again the big picture of how communication tools and training can enable missionaries, both new and experienced, to make God known around the world the more effectively.

What a privilege to be a part of this!