05 November 2009

Communication mobilizes Prayer

One of the really wonderful things that has happened as Youth With A Mission has paid attention to our internal communication over the last few years has been the global monthly Prayer Days. On the first Thursday of every month, YWAM staff around the world join together around a theme and pray. As Com Teams we have the privilege of helping to put together the reading material that directs people's prayers.

This month we are praying for the great nation of China. Back in August, Tim attended the Global Leadership Meetings in Switzerland and was able to conduct some interviews with leaders that were later incorporated into the prayer material for this month.

Today Miranda is in Perth, Western Australia, where YWAM staff have been taking initiative in China for some time, offering training opportunities to believers there. Staff from around Australia joined together this morning to pray, lifting before God their longings for that nation. We can be sure that as our global mission does the same from our thousands of locations, people will be drawn to go to China, others will commit themselves to continued prayer, still others will give towards training and development initiatives in that nation.

All because we paid attention to our communication!

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