05 October 2009

News from AfriCom-East

Hello everyone and Mulimutya from all of us here in Uganda.

The Com team has been getting busier by the day and things are getting more and more exciting.

We have been making bi-weekly bulletins for the Hopeland base, keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on here and giving communication tips.

Last Saturday, the base had a love feast and over 100 people were present; before hand, we(com team) had put together four videos emphasizing the value of communications; so we were given time during the love feast to make a presentation. I shared a bit about communications, showed a PowerPoint presentation that contained pictures of the new students, some staff, some base houses, funny things like base dogs, the com team members and ended with the words “Value Communication”.

Sadly our audio got messed up as soon as we played the communications video we put together, so we had to stop the video as we couldn’t seem to fix the problem; but the impact of the little we could present on the people was still great.

People were very excited afterwards and came up to us asking questions about communications, AfriCom, and communications teams.

After a long 11 hour drive from Arua (Northern Uganda) Vikki Wright arrived here in Jinja to meet with the Com team here.We met in the blue room at central house here on Hopeland to discuss the future of Com teams in Uganda; Dr Tim Latham, the base leader, and Sandra Merriman the base leader of the TORCH base in town were both at the meeting. They are both also on the National Leadership Team of Ywam Uganda.

We agreed to write stories for the Jubilee celebration of Ywam next year, we also talked about getting pictures for a visual documentary we will display next year as part of the celebration.

Roles with proper clarification were assigned to all of us and we are now working on getting the work done. Getting stories of what God has done and is doing here, pictures that reflect that, and a lot more!

This is really exciting and we thank God for the work he has begun here, knowing that he is faithful to perfect it!

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