11 April 2008

Pray for Africa

The Prayer Guide for 2008 is ready! We are thrilled with the result of months of research, writing, design and translation: this year's guide to praying for issues affecting Africa sees some great developments from our 4 previous editions. The biggest change is that the guide is more issues-based than YWAM focused, with lots of information that will help churches and Christians around the world pray for the continent. Facts and figures are listed alongside personal stories, and there are ideas about how to get involved as well as pointers for prayer. This guide is not limited to specific dates so that although YWAM Africa will designate a month for concerted prayer, anyone can use the guide at any time. We hope to see many more people get excited about praying for our beloved continent as we offer them this excellent tool and encourage them to use it!

For copies of the Prayer Guide please email us at: ywamafricom@gmail.com

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