03 April 2008

Ministering 'Connection' starts at home!

As a Comm Team for YWAM a part of our ministry is to bring a greater sense of connection to our staff members and teams - connection with other teams in Africa, and with the YWAM leaders for the continent as well as connection with what's happening in other parts of the world and with our global leaders. Not so long ago we felt challenged as a team that we can only minister that sort of connection to the extent to which we are living it and experiencing it among us. It's obvious really: we'll have no authority in this area is we're not 'walking the talk', as they say.

Since that time we've continued to make an effort to foster a strong sense of belonging among us as a team of very different individuals, all with different experiences, cultural backgrounds, genders, ages and personalities. We get together often to hang out or share a meal and we try to really listen to one another. It's all pretty simple, really ... it's just amazing how quickly we lose our sense of connection when we get busy and start focusing on what we have to do instead of the people we're here to serve with! Incidentally, we have a GREAT team and love what each person brings to the mix :-)

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