02 April 2008

Leadership Workshop

Last week AfriCom was hosting a Leadership Workshop at YWAM Muizenberg, a great opportunity to develop more partnership with our local training base. Our trainers for the week were Tania West and Julie Hodge, visitors from the UK home church of Tim and Miranda.

The week started with teaching and application aimed at helping individuals to know themselves better. Of the 14 YWAM staff members attending the workshop many had already done some sort of personality or gifts test ... but the way Tania and Jules led us through the process and the solid bible teaching that went alongside meant each one of us learned something new.

We progressed to looking at team dynamics. This was a great process for AfriCom as most of our team was there; we learned more about how the individuals in our team function instinctively, what each brings to the team and how we can help one another to work best. Later we moved on to skills of leadership, including managing people through change and other topics that are very helpful in the YWAM context.

It was great to have trainers from outside the mission who connected so well and so quickly with our group and offered a helpful, observer's perspective. The teaching was excellent and we hope to be able to multiply this kind of training opportunity in the future, perhaps in other parts of Africa. These kind of partnerships enable us to meet more of the needs of YWAM than we could do alone: Thanks Tania & Jules!

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