28 February 2008

Writing Course

Pam joined AfriCom with a view to growing her writing capabilities - she has a passion for telling the stories of what God is doing in Africa! She has already seen some of her articles published on the YWAM websites but is keen to hone her writing in order to really 'fly' with the creation of pieces about YWAM's work ... of course we all want to be able to function independently and become part of multiplying the communication team around the continent.

For a while now we have known of a correspondence course in journalism that's run by a British company called Writers' Bureau. The course was recommended to us by a British YWAMer in Arua, Uganda. It's a modular course that provides a structured way of practising writing and getting lots of input from experts. A recent flyer in the post alerted us to their new year special, which prompted us to pursue financial support for her from AfriCom friends around the world. So a big THANK YOU goes to all those who have kindly helped to fund this course for Pam - it's going to make the world of difference to her ability to function effectively as part of AfriCom.

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