06 February 2008

Field Service Team meetings

Last week Martial and Miranda flew to Pretoria to attend the annual meetings of the Field Service Team. Some time ago AfriCom was made part of the FST, a group of people whose focus is to strengthen YWAM across Africa through Member Care, Staff Development, Leadership Development and Communication. These people represent a wealth of experience across Africa and a decent level of expertise in their areas, so it's good for us to have time together and to learn from one another. Our annual meetings are the only time we are all together in one place and it's a good time to exchange information and strategize or decide where to focus our efforts. We collaborate on common projects for the continent, such as Support Raising and HIV/AIDS, each contributing from our area of expertise (e.g. we would produce a video to accompany other training pieces on HIV/AIDS, or contribute material for a staff development e-zine on communication). The FST is strongly connected to the ALT, with the recognition that we act through influence not authority. Our common goal is to make the work of the leaders easier!

Kobus van Niekerk is the acting Field Director for YWAM Africa, a very challenging role not least because his constant and extensive travelling costs the earth. It would be a difficult job for anyone, let alone having to raise the finances as well! He and his wife, Rika, are an amazing couple who have given everything for the sake of seeing YWAM established in Africa; an awesome example and a tough act for anyone to follow. This week Tim is traveling to Zimbabwe with Kobus to see the team working there and to support them. The situation for the YWAM team in Zimbabwe is just one of the hotspots Kobus has to address ... I'm not sure how he deals with stress, but whatever it is he should market it; that could solve his fundraising issues!!

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