04 September 2009

Another Networking Opportunity

The last part of August you might have missed besides our everyday office work comes in pictures. These are photos taken at the YWAM Nation2Nation gathering in Cape Town. Nation2Nation is a ministry of YWAM mobilising people from all nations to celebrate our diversity and unity in Christ. In additon to the great program,one of our very own Pam took the stage, performing a drama and an Afro dance. She has been practising a few dances with UP4THETASK a performing arts ministry on the YWAM training centre here in Muizenberg and it was nice to support and see her in action.

Talking about networking and partnerships, Pam and Lydia are packing their bags this weekend in preparation for the seminar that AfriCom will be facilitating at the UofN here in South Africa. Evelien leaves for the Netherlands in a few hours for a break. Will suffer some Evelien withdrawal symptoms and glad it’s only a little over a month she will be away

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