21 August 2009

Meanwhile, in Argentina ...

While AfriCom has been busy getting a newsletter printed and posted, and connecting with the YWAM staff in the south central region, LatinCom has hosted their first corporate gathering since the global communication consultation that was held there in April 2008. Com Team members from around the Latin American continent met together in Buenos Aires to pray, discuss strategy and to connect with one another. Miranda was able to meet with them via Skype to bring a greeting from Com Teams internationally and to field questions. It was great to 'drop in' on our fellow Com Team members in South America and particularly to see the Portuguese-speaking Brazilians and Spanish-speaking Latinos seeking to work more closely together on behalf of their continent.

Com Teams in South America have developed differently to those in Africa. From the beginning of LatinCom we have had representatives in a number of countries and the challenge has been to coordinate the work of those individuals as part of a Com Team strategy to support the work of YWAM in that part of the world. In Africa we have always had the core team working together from one location, with a common strategy, but we have had to work hard to mobilize regional teams for different parts of the continent. We have a lot to learn from one another and in both parts of the world we are seeking to work more closely with YWAM's communication training that takes place through the College of Communication that is part of the University of the Nations.

LatinCom, we wish you the very best as you serve YWAM in South America! Thanks for allowing us to connect with your gathering, it was great to 'see' you all :-)

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