12 May 2009

On Air

“Newsroom, Marie speaking”
The words sound unreal, I’m actually working at a radio station!
Working with radio has always been an underlying passion inside of me. I had no knowledge or experience with it, but decided to give it a shot to gain an understanding. I got the opportunity to do an internship at the Christian radio station in Muizenberg, South Africa with Radio CCFM 107.5 after my lecture phase at the SOFJ. The environment was just as hectic as I thought. I was immediately placed in front of a computer in the newsroom. Fresh press releases were handed to me to rewrite in my own words to be read for the next news bulletin. I became responsible for news other people hadn’t even heard yet. My primary concern was that I had only written for print media. We had done a week in the school on Radio Broadcasting. The first thoughts I could remember from the radio week at this moment were “Write as I speak, Write as I speak.” I have now been a radio intern for 4 weeks and everyday consists of multiple recordings of interviews over the phone. I also edit the sound bite, rewriting news and practising my own voice to eventually be live on air. I believe my time here is going to equip me with the knowledge and experience I need for the future.

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