07 May 2009

Change of Perspective

Doing the journalism school here in South Africa changed my thinking and perspective. I learned many new things.
I am working with YWAM Kickoff, the team that is in charge of coordinating and mobilizing teams wishing to come to South Africa next year. The main attraction will not be the World Cup, but our main attractions are all South Africans and visitors who will be present here. We want to be in different cities, trying to cover the entire South Africa, through the different teams that are coming from different countries.
My job is to communicate with all these teams that are willing and have the desire to help in different areas. I am in charge of the whole Latin American area, making contacts, sending information and creating a network to stay connected. I am also working on the creation of an information pack for people to have fresh information on events and outreach objectives. I am designing the newsletter and I write some articles for it. I am thinking of ideas to help and improve the materials we have already and creating others.
The work is just starting, there is plenty to do. Because of this work, my plans have changed and I am going to stay another year here in South Africa.
The journalism school was only the beginning. Now it all depends on what I have learned and will continue learning.
For all of you, Cristian Urrutia from Muizenberg, South Africa.
Dedicated to my father on his birthday.

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