05 January 2009

School of Field Journalism begins!

Today saw the official opening of the School of Field Journalism that we are running as part of the Communication faculty of the University of the Nations. We welcome 10 students from places as diverse as Venezuela, Sweden, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

As part of our first day of vision casting for the school, we were thrilled to have Landa Cope join us. Landa is the founding Dean of the College of Communication and she was instrumental in designing curriculum for the original School of Journalism. It was great to hear from 'the horse's mouth' how this training program came into being and how she sees its future.

Landa will be with us this week teaching on '360 degree thinking'. It will be a challenging week of recognizing how little objective or biblical Truth we can claim to know - about the world or about ourselves - but it will be a rich week of learning and processing. She is also with us next week to continue teaching on issues relating to a biblical worldview.

For those readers who would like to support us in prayer, we have a special request: in Week 3 of the school we hope to host Veronica Schaab who pioneered the School of Journalism in Argentina. Although it will be very strategic for her to be part of our training program, both she and us are struggling to raise the finances for her plane ticket. Please pray for financial provision - thanks!

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