11 January 2009

Building team around communication

One of the highlights of Week 1 of the SOFJ was the team-building events. Bec Gibbons, from the EuroCom team, happened to be in Cape Town for a few days on vacation and she agreed to come and facilitate some activities with her friend, Linda. It was great to get the school off to a good start and to observe the different communication and interaction styles of staff and students.

We have 8 different nationalities represented on the school, which makes for some interesting cross-cultural communication! The team-building times provided a safe environment for some of these differences to show themselves, and an opportunity to process together. Sometimes the classroom might not feel quite so safe, so this was great.

Not only do we have a new student body, but our staff team needs to bond too. Five of our school staff have worked together as part of AfriCom but four are new to the team. Bec and Linda spent an afternoon with us as staff and we had a lot of fun, observing our differences and commonalities.

Relating well is all about communication!

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