23 January 2008

Prayer for Africa

Tim and Martial both have their heads down this week, working busily on the Prayer Guide that will go out to YWAM Africa staff ahead of the month of prayer in June. They have 2 more weeks to finish writing the text and completing the design ... after that we have to get the English text translated into French and Portuguese before we go to print. We always have to leave at least a month before the material is needed to allow for the slow postage systems across much of Africa.

We have been producing a Prayer Guide for the continent for the last 4 years; it has been an initiative that has really helped to bring a sense of family to the Africa teams. To date we have focused on gathering and passing on information about YWAM, primarily, with some background information about the different regions. This year, however, we have decided to create a guide that will have more longevity ... the information will be primarily about the ongoing issues that Africa faces, such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, child soldiers, and so on. We'll run a story about each issue with some guidelines for prayer and action. Then we'll print an insert with current information from the YWAM projects so that the guide itself can be used for future prayer times and up-to-date YWAM information can be inserted as appropriate.

So far Tim and Martial's work is looking great and we're excited to be able to offer this well researched material to people all over the world - both in YWAM and beyond - who care about Africa and have a heart to pray for transformation. Look out for it - or request a copy!

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