14 January 2008

A Different Kind Of Christmas

Pam writes:

YWAM staff at the Muizenberg training center celebrated Christmas 2007 with a Latin American flavour. A team of ten ladies from Latin America come to South Africa as part of a project called “A Different Kind of Christmas”. Their aim and hope was to bless and encourage missionaries who are away from loved ones during these family times. The bonus for the team was the chance to get a feel for the African mission field.
They gave a Christmas Eve party for 70 people and each received a gift. In an interview I found out that the number of those attending the party increased after the team had brought all their supplies. The question was how did they manage to cater for all those extras? “In our country we have a saying, where 8 people eat, 9 people eat” came the answer. There was something about the team - from the 15 year old to the 53 year old - that reflected their passion to serve. Thoughwe didn't speak the same language I found myself talking and laughing with them, even when there was no translator.
One of the staff members from the YWAM center spoke of his experience: “This Christmas was different from the previous three years that I have been away from home; there was a program set and there was a sharing of gifts. It made all the difference.”

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