01 July 2011

Pledges sought

As we enter into a new season for YWAM in Africa, here in the communications team we are excited about the projects that we have planned. God is guiding us to venture into new places and embrace new projects. We are equipping missionaries in the field with what they need to communicate, whilst hearing their stories and championing some of the great things that are being done there. In this picture we ventured into a rural location in Angola to find an Angolan YWAMer preaching and teaching in a village, making disciples and baptising new believers. From this visit, working alongside many different ministries, we were able to produce materials that built a better understanding in the region of what God was doing. We were also able to build partnerships between YWAM and other agencies.

For those that have been following us over the past months and years, will see that we are now starting to build on the projects that have been successful.

Right now, as our administration changes and we are preparing for what God has instore for the next season, we are looking for friends who will be willing to journey with us. Most important for us at this time is prayer and support pledges. We want to be accountable to a support team which values YWAM and wants to see more breakthrough in Africa. With that we are going to need friends who are willing to stand in the gap, financially and otherwise, so that we can complete what we have been called to do.

If you are willing to be a prayer partner and would like to pledge how you will support YWAM AfriCom to connect ministries in Africa:
please email

(e.g. I am willing to commit to praying once a week for guidance for the team or I pledge $15 per month towards this ministry).

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