26 April 2011

AfriCom team offers training in Maputo

AfriCom in Maputo from YWAM AfriCom on Vimeo.

Several of the AfriCom team recently traveled from Cape Town to Maputo in Mozambique to offer a week-long Effective Communication Workshop. This workshop is designed to enable volunteer missionaries to communicate more effectively with missions partners and with other agencies, in this way rendering their work more sustainable.

This clip summarises the workshop and the response of the participants. As you watch it, you'll become very aware of one of our primary challenges as a communication team for Africa: multiple languages!

With many thanks to those whose generous donations made this field trip possible.


  1. I went on that trip and it was awesome. It was so amazing to see how important communication is and much we need to learn how to become effective communicators. Well done AfriCom.

  2. Cindy, it was great having you along! (Cindy was doing her photography internship with AfriCom after completing a University of the Nations School of Photography: contact us for more information.)

    Super Blog 18, there are several Brazilians working with YWAM in Maputo, really building the foundation of the ministry there. Email info@ywamafricom.org for more information!