18 August 2010

Make YOUR communication more effective!

It has been said that communication in Youth With A Mission is like the central nervous system in a body; when it is functioning well, the whole body works more effectively. If you are a staff member, how about your role in this body called YWAM? Whether you are a foot, or a hand, or a mouth: Are you able to function as effectively as you would like to? Do others know enough about your ministry, and you about theirs? Could you share information more effectively than you do now?

Just as the nervous system requires the ongoing provision of certain nutrients in order to work as it should, so we need ongoing training to help us communicate as well as possible.

If you think your communication could use a top-up of nutrients, then we have just the thing for you!

The Effective Communication Workshop (ECW) is a week-long workshop for YWAMers interested in learning more about communicating effectively in a missions context, and in practising some very practical skills. This workshop will be offered from 7 – 13 November 2010, at the Worcester base in South Africa, and is open to staff members from anywhere in the region. Everyone who attends should leave the workshop with a broader understanding of communication and with an increased competence in communication skills.

We will give an overview of communication in a missions context, as well as covering public speaking, interpersonal communication, writing newsletters and articles, use of photography and video, and support-raising.

For an application form, email us at ywamafricom@gmail.com - We look forward to you joining us. Let’s get our communication highway up to full speed!

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