01 July 2010

New addition in Cape Town

Hello from Muizenberg! My name is Jillian Vasquez and I am the new journalism intern at YWAM AfriCom. After an epic 48 hour journey from Seattle, I arrived in Muizenburg, Cape Town, baggage in tow, about one week ago. I couldn’t be more excited to be here, living out something God has planned for me! I recently graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Public Relations, and sought a meaningful post-graduate experience. That led me to South Africa and the wonderful people of AfriCom. Being able to combine my faith with my work is a total blessing, and I am so grateful.

Before joining YWAM, I served at my university’s Newman Catholic Campus Ministry and the Campus Christian Fellowship, where I really came to know God and the power He can have in one’s life. Finding that faith and accepting Christ my freshman year of college really paved the way for the next four years. Now here I am in Muizenberg, working with an enthusiastic group, living with my sister Noelle, and working to strengthen the YWAM missionaries across the continent through storytelling and communication.

I look forward to exploring the Cape Town markets, mountains and other sights. I feel quite at home already!

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  1. Please contact Louisa Benitez at jlbenitez@comcast.net
    I am a former YWAMer from many years ago, and also from the Seattle area.