17 June 2009

Being Team in Uganda

As we sat in the room commonly called the “blue room” here on Hopeland, we laughed at how as a Com Team we don't have a single cent to our name, yet we have so much to do. We began to think of how we could be useful on the base and what we could do to help improve communication here without necessarily needing money for it. We agreed to go and clean up the office and the administrative block on Friday the 12th of June at 5pm.
After all, we thought, when guests come to YWAM Hopeland they make all their enquiries at the office and all sorts of meetings are held there; so the office must always look neat and welcoming, and at the same time represent YWAM properly.
So we began making plans and getting excited about doing that, at least we would be able to do something that didn't require money immediately. We could just clean the windows, sweep and mop the floors for now; then think about re-painting it later.
On June 12th, a text message was sent to all Com Team members here asking them to remember our work duty at the office that evening. Yes we would get things done and assist the base in that way!
I was typing away a formal report that had to be completed within a week, when I decided to take a break and check out my Facebook page :). I saw my friend, Jeanine's, status and it said something like “I am very happy because we members of the Com Team here on Hopeland are going to clean up the office now”. The status had been updated over 45mins ago, then it suddenly hit me “Sarah, you are supposed to be cleaning up the office now!!!” I flew off my bed and ran to the office, by then it was 6pm and they were already done sweeping and mopping! I felt so silly!
“Miss communicator” as they call me, who sends messages reminding others to be punctual and remember that we are working ‘as unto God’ had forgotten to show up for work duty! The others just laughed at me and took it all in good faith but I learnt one thing from that experience; you cannot do it alone, you always need others.
Even though I didn't show up, my team-mates were there and they faithfully did the work we were all supposed to do as a team. That's what it's all about isn't it? Working together as a team and not trying to do it all alone because one person cannot!
T-Together, E-Everyone, A-Achieves, M-More!

By Sarah Adeyinka, YWAM Hopeland, Jinja, Uganda.

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