23 February 2009

SOFJ Movie Review

What do you get when a British Television Personality and a resigned US President sit down to discuss conspiracy and foreign policy? The SOFJ found out during a class field trip to the cinema.

Frost/Nixon, directed by Ron Howard and written by Peter Morgan, is based on the 1977 television interviews between David Frost and Richard Nixon concerning Nixon's presidency and the Watergate scandal. While there is debate on the historical accuracy of the theatrical performance, the lessons learned by aspiring journalists, such as the importance of preparation and maintaining direction of the interview, remain intact.

Throughout the film the team of Nixon advisors coach the former president on possible directions of questions and responses. Meanwhile, the Frost Team researches and studies every move Nixon made as president and tries to nail him in a much anticipated confession of wrong-doing. While Frost loses the grip on the interview in the first sessions, allowing Nixon to take control and dodge the real issues, he regains control in the last bit and . . . you'll have to watch for yourself to find out!

All in all we give the movie and good mark for entertainment, and a great mark for usefulness (and fun) for a School of Field Journalism!


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