29 September 2008

Provision for Teaching Trips

Over the last weeks we have been looking ahead towards a couple of trips and praying like crazy that financial provision would miraculously arrive. One of the great privileges of being a Com Team is the opportunity we have to connect with YWAM teams around our region of the world and wherever possible to visit them to offer teaching, to research stories, to shoot video clips or to support them in other 'communication-related' ways.

In October Martial has been invited to teach for a week on the School of Communication Foundations being run in Kigali, Rwanda. This is a key opportunity for us to partner with others working in communication training and this school is the result of a special link between the team in Burtigny, Switzerland, and the team in Kigali. It is a wonderful opportunity for Martial to build connections in YWAM East Africa where we will be holding the Field Assignment phase of our School of Field Journalism.

In December Evelien and Miranda will be traveling to Lichinga, Mozambique where they will be teaching for one week on the Foundational Leadership School on communication and administration.

It really is a challenge to finance trips such as these, much as we love to visit the bases. We do have a few supporters who are committed to sending donations to AfriCom and these monies usually cover our monthly overheads such as rent and electricity. Traveling around Africa is expensive - especially in places like Mozambique where flights inside the country are not open to much competition - and most often we fund these flights through our personal support. This is not ideal and we would prefer to build up our level of regular financial support so that we can more easily budget for these expenses. YWAM Com Teams are not centrally funded and each is responsible for generating finances for their work.

Anyway, having worried, prayed, trusted and prayed some more we felt led to send a gift to another YWAMer just getting started in communication ministry. We knew the principle of generosity should be at the centre of our journey of trust for our own finances, not as a formula but to demonstrate a heart attitude. Shortly after we did this we received two large donations that have together provided for the upcoming trips: hooray! Tbis is wonderful news: celebrate with us!

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