16 July 2008


It is cold here in Cape Town and the tendency is to want to hunker down indoors, to try stay warm and to simpy keep things ticking over. Is that what God is saying, though? In fact, we sense that we are in a season of consolidation, a time to strengthen our foundations so that we can sustain growth for the future.

What does this mean for us as a ministry? One area we need to strengthen is that of 'strategic partnerships' relating to finances, prayer and counsel. We are looking at setting up a not-for-profit organisation to help us separate personal and ministry finances and to make fundraising more straightforward.

We are trusting God to help us, over the next few years, to develop a network of communication workers around Africa. Next year will be a critical time in our development, as we host the School of Field Journalism and the global YWAM communication consultation (CRIT) ... a time where we hope to see multiplication of communication workers for the continent. In order to grow effectively our foundations must be strong. May we make the most of the next 6 months as we prepare for the next season!

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