28 May 2008

YWAM Leaders for Africa to meet

Starting today the Executive Group of YWAM's Africa Leadership Team are holding their annual meetings. The larger team will join the Executive from Sunday evening, meeting together throughout next week. Leaders will travel from all over the continent to represent their regions or ministry areas.

Three of the AfriCom team members will be present at the meetings, taking the opportunity to connect with the leaders during their breaks. This gives us a chance to ask them in person for information updates. Miranda will also attend the meetings to act as an observer/communicator, posting daily updates on the YWAM Africa website so that staff members can follow the meetings from their locations.

This year we will take the opportunity of having the leaders all together to promote the School of Field Journalism and the Communication Consultation we are hosting next year. In this way we hope to encourage the leaders to appoint staff members from around the continent to attend these two key events. We believe their is the potential for a communication explosion in YWAM Africa, if we publicise these opportunities well.

Our annual month of prayer for Africa begins on Sunday. Prayer Guides have been mailed to each YWAM base in Africa, and we will also take extra copies to the leaders for them to distribute to their contacts. Meeting with them on the day the Prayer Month begins will be an ideal moment to launch the Prayer Guide and to pray together.

Invariably these meetings are very busy, with a packed agenda and many side meetings. Please pray for the Leadership Team to have wisdom, clarity of thought and unity in their decision-making. Pray for AfriCom to be an encouragement to the leaders and for good buy-in to the communication opportunities.

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  1. I scanned for an email address but didn't find one-how can we contact the leaders to get more information on the school?

    please let me know: clevonardo_at_hotmail_dot_com.