12 November 2007

Introducing the Team - Tim

Tim Heathcote has been part of AfriCom since the communication team for YWAM Africa was conceived in 2002. Tim's background is as a history teacher and he brings to the team a gift for research into the cultural, social and spiritual stories of nations. He continues to love teaching and can often be found in some far-flung location, teaching on a Discipleship Training School or in a little church somewhere. Most often he teaches on Missions or Worldview, both subjects he loves. He recently completed his School of Biblical Studies and would enjoy the opportunity to teach on this school in the near future.

Tim is an avid reader and has been known to find weighty theological tomes 'relaxing'! He's most at home when enjoying the great outdoors and loves to run, cycle and climb. Tim has been traveling since he was a small boy and still finds it fun to be on board a rickety old bus bound for an out-of-the-way location. Look out for him popping up somewhere near you!

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